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Visualizing the Automotive IT

Bridge the Automotive IoT into the IT


Internet of Things or Machine to Machine has become a buzz word in the recent years. In more specific context, we also hear a lot about smart cities, smart buildings, smart energy and smart cars.


All those concepts might differ slightly from each other’s, but they however have in common that they use business processes that heavily rely on connected devices, and in most cases the devices are just the endpoint that is part of services.

A great service experience, quick resolution of problems, efficient cross-team collaboration and reducing Ops costs are goals for every digital business. The IT teams need to assure that services they provide are fully functioning 24*7, and get immediate alerts on failures. This is true in any industry, however for the automotive manufacture downtime for connected cars services could also risk life,  brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, revenue and could risk life.  Today, as those services require input and interaction with the physical car, IT teams don’t have the ability to constantly monitor their health as the car software is secure in a level that it can’t be instrument or been monitor by an agent.


Our solution


Emulating cars interaction with real IT systems for proactive monitoring of automotive IoT services. 


Key features and benefits



  • Simple to deploy and scalable - SaaS and on-premise

  • Top-down monitoring - no need to understand underlying complexities

  • Non-intrusive monitoring - No users privacy exposure 

  • Positive approach: Verify expected behavior vs. looking for anomalies



Get your Smart IoT Services Under Control


Contact us to learn more : info@hoopoe.one